The Universe is Blinking

by Arjuna Genome

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released August 22, 2013

The Universe is Blinking by Arjuna Genome

Produced by Avi Buffalo

All songs written and performed by Arjuna Genome (Douglas James Sweeney)

Recorded by Avi Buffalo in Laurel Canyon, CA and at Pehrspace in Echo Park, CA
Mixed at The Cave in Eagle Rock by Josiah Mazzaschi, Avi Buffalo, and Arjuna Genome
Track 3 co-produced by Josiah Mazzaschi, Pauline Lay, and Avi Buffalo at The Cave in Eagle Rock

Douglas James Sweeney – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys, Noise, Pocket Piano, Tambourine

Avi Zahner-Isenberg – Additional Guitars, Bass, Harmony Vocals, Tambourine, Keys, Electronics, Slide Guitar, Moog, Pocket Piano

Rachel Mary Birke – Harmony Vocals, Distorted Banjo, Noise, Chanting

Miles Wintner – Drums, Percussion

Thom Lucero – Drums, Bass, Chanting

Pauline Lay – Strings

Album Art by Mike McDowell

This album is dedicated to the people that live within these songs and to the hope that they will soon escape.



all rights reserved


Arjuna Genome Los Angeles, California

guess i'm going to be okay

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Track Name: Digital Days Before the Brain
Guess who died and no one gave a fuck
Put your scales upon my heart and I would open up
Blooming furnace flowers on my sleeve
Bleed yr astral patterns on my sheets

Pray for sadder stars / Forget you have a heart

Guess I'm gonna be okay
Digital days before the brain

But time can't hurt you now,
the murky gospel hounds

Guess who died and no one opened up
Breathe your love inside my lungs and you would just erupt
You are not me and I know it's true
You are not me and I am not you

You're being born again / Except you have no friends

Guess I'm gonna be okay
Digital days before the brain
Track Name: Grief Thief
Said you loved yr cats
but you filled yr head with bats
can't be left alone when something's real

You loved her more than then
but the devil's yr only friend
you are nothing more than books to me

You wanted everything and more
And all those things outside your door

The universe is dead
but the words are in your head
tell me something I would want to be

It's all within me now
Don't ask the witches how
Come in closer take a look at me
Track Name: Bring it Back
Smoothed out and spinning yr heart was made of clay
You'll paint yr graveyard with diamonds and malaise
Came from the ocean but didn't make a sound
It wouldn't help you when yr feet touched the ground

Ooh, my baby, set fires from stern to bow
She said the skin was too tight around her mouth
The door was open but you didn't come around
You won't see me when you come back to town

I wanted to be there
Set fires in your hair
You know the door was open
If you don't come back now the world will be broken

Just like the river that flows into the sea
There is a river that flows inside of "me"
You paint yr starship but I won't be around
Some are lucky, others are born to frown
Track Name: I am the Ocean
I am the ocean
You want no part of me
You would be beastly
and you'd jump into the sea (that's not me)

Adapt all your flowers
Throw them on top of me
Bury me under
all of the cans in the street (I would sink)

When you walk all the time,
I won't mind
You could knock on my door

I am the ocean
Please stop ignoring me
Bury me under
all of your words and your deeds (reptile reach)

The cosmos are bleeding
I won't stop loving you
When you are lonely
I'm vast and I am blue

When you walk all the time,
I won't mind
You could knock on my door anytime
I would love to spend a day without you
You remind me I'm good

Ignore the shore